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Preparing for a Slow Reopen


Adapting and Providing Choices – What We Do Best

Our participants are excited to get back to visit with friends, create art, and get active. They are also looking forward to getting back to work with a sense of pride, purpose, and, of course, receiving their paycheck for their hard work.

As we are preparing to re-open, we are putting our participants’ safety first, while still enjoying things that they have come to expect from their time at The Douglas Center. With new signage, clear direction, and constant moderating, we will ensure the safety of those trusted in our care. “It’s been a challenging time for all of us, but we are really looking forward to being able to reopen soon,” said Rifath Khan, CEO of The Douglas Center.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back, but being very cautious. When we do get an okay from DHS, it will be at a limited capacity. As part of our slow re-opening plan, we will be limiting the number of people that come into the building, so, for now, we won’t be inviting volunteers, contractors, interns back just yet. Instead, we are tapping into the many talents of our Direct Support Professionals (DSP) to help keep our groups going.

Bill, who would normally take participants to the Skokie Public Library for the “Let Get Together Book Club” will continue to engage our participants as they practice reading and learn new skills in the library at The Douglas Center.

The outdoor area is ready for participants

Our resident green thumb giving the plants a drink

Our resident green thumb, Maria has been taking care of the plants during our closure.  So we will continue utilizing her talents as she leads participants one at a time, to tend and care for the plants in The Douglas Center’s indoor greenhouse and outdoor recreation area, High Fives.

Some activities will take minor adjustments with social distancing tactics and adhering to guidelines, like our outdoor activities in the High Fives Adapted Recreation Area, and walks to the park. Our Work Center has also been adapted to meet all social distancing and safety guidelines throughout the building.

Keeping up with our sewing contracts while the participants were away

All surfaces have been deeply cleaned and painted

We want to be sure all our participants are feeling included and connected – knowing not everyone will be able to come back – we are still connecting via zoom with our most vulnerable participants will continue being part of our daily routine.

These are only a few of the ways we are adapting, but still maintaining the participants' choices.

In the preparation to make this all possible, we are keeping safety as our number one priority. 

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