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Multi-Sensory Therapy

Multi-Sensory Therapy


One of our additions to our many programs is the multi-sensory therapy room. Participants learn to identify their anxiety/agitation and the multi-sensory room has empowered them to advocate for themselves and use adaptive tools and strategies to manage their frustrations and emotions.

The environment utilizes light, sound, smell and touch with a range of specialized equipment designed to create an environment that is conducive for relaxation. The state-of-the-art equipment has proven beneficial in reducing problems with self-injurious behaviors, relieving agitation, promoting relaxation and the modulation of their own emotions. Individuals with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities show increased concentration, alertness and awareness of their environment with the use of Multi-Sensory Room Therapy.

Participants interact with the equipment in small groups or 1:1 basis, with the assistance of a Case Manager who has been trained in Multi-Sensory Therapy. The effectiveness of these types of environments extends into providing new ways of encouraging learning, motor development, cognitive development, language and social interaction skills. The goal is to provide a relaxing activity designed to create a feeling of safety and stimulation that is under the control of the participant.

Made Possible by Grants from The Coleman Foundation and Field Foundation of Illinois.

Cool orbeez provide a welcomed distraction

A small group enjoying the Sensory Therapy room

Soothing fiber optics

Tranquil bubble wall