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work center program

Work Center

The Douglas Center helps provide participants work based on their abilities and aspirations. Clients are given the opportunity to work with the support and guidance of our staff. Some sample projects involve piecework, sorting and counting to collation or poster rolling. Participants in our job readiness group learn on-the-job functions for selected positions within The Douglas Center while earning an income. The Supported Employment program serves as another stepping stone for participants seeking to establish a work history and to prepare to pursue a career path of their choice within the community when they are ready.

Fullfillment into bags is a welcome challenge and industrious project

There is a sense of pride in a completing the task

Some clients are taught to use the newly acquired shrinkwrap machine, an addition made possible by a grant from Service Club of Chicago

Sorting and grouping like items is a job skill learned in the workcenter

Cutting and folding ribbon for Skokie's Finest Project

Learning new skills, like working small machinery