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Vocational & Job Skills

Job Skills Training


We have groups dedicated to advancing vocational expertise in areas of technology and job skills that meet weekly. The Computer Group teaches clients basic computer skills. Clients are able to learn to type, how to navigate Microsoft Word, send an email, search the internet, and more.

The skills learned in Computer Group correspond closely with the Employment Group which teaches clients how to craft resumes, learn interviewing skills and practice answering employment-related questions. Learning and practicing these skills will help clients to have a better understanding on what is needed if they aspire to search for community employment.

Job Skills Training


Group and individual training to improve their resume writing and interviewing skills. In these sessions, we stress the importance of attendance and punctuality, expectations, job-related skills to help prepare clients for independent employment in the community.

The Douglas Center offers on-the-job training in the following areas:

  • Electronic Recycling: teaching participants valuable skills in dismantling and organization
  • Independent Living Skills Training: We help develop independence through skills training such as money management, budgeting, safety and job readiness.
  • Service Training: we teach basic hands-on training in customer service and retail skills.
  • Horticulture Training: Program participants engage in the planting, maintenance and caring of the center’s indoor plants and outside landscaping.