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Celebrating the Importance of Inclusive Employment


We have adjusted well since reopening our facility. It's been 3 very long, but short months. The protocols for operating a business safely are new for all of us. Our participants are practicing and learning safety measures daily - social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing their hands more often — all necessary skills for every workplace.

October marks the 75th observance of National Disability Employment Awareness Month and also the 30th anniversary of ADA. Here is a glimpse of the actions taken to prohibit discrimination of hiring, termination, compensation, job training, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment.

We are working hard at The Douglas Center. Our participants have really enjoyed coming back, taking pride in what they can accomplish and of course the paychecks! Transitions can be especially difficult for individuals with disabilities, but they are adapting and enjoying being productive. We are all working a little differently, but continue to provide opportunities and choices for our participants to learn, grow, and pursue competitive employment if that’s their goal.

All businesses and individuals are struggling in this current climate. We do not know how long it might continue. The more we practice in our facility, the better-prepared everyone will be to move into the changing community job environment. It’s important to extend compassion even when we have no idea what another person is experiencing at the moment. We have no idea what everyone is going through.

Stay safe and positive. We are all in this together.

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