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Celebrating 19 years


March 8th marks the 19th year of The Douglas Center, a place many adults with special needs call their home away from home. Mir and Rifath started the day with surprise decorations, breakfast and lunch.

After singing “Happy Birthday” to The Douglas Center cupcakes were enjoyed by everyone. The day continued with individual visiting with participants, reflecting on how long they have been coming to the center and silly stories. There was also a bit of reminiscing about participants that are no longer with us and had passed away or moved away.

During his lunch another participant found Rifath and expressed, “Thank you for being here, I love The Douglas Center.” “It’s like a family” another participant shared.

Putting up decorations for the celebration

Surprise breakfast

Most of the staff haven’t been here for all of the 19 years, but are very grateful to have a chance to work at The Douglas Center (and for Rifath). It makes them feel good to make the lives of the participants a little better every day. We are looking forward to what will happen in the years to come.

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