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Happening at the Center

Spotlight : a Client Story


A key part of the vision and mission of The Douglas Center is to provide choices and opportunities tailored to the needs of each individual participant…not cookie cutter type of programming. Our staff is dedicated to meeting our participants where they are and working with them in their personal growth. Our staff takes great pride in the day to day progress and successes of each of the individuals we are privileged to serve.

Success Story: Sometimes it's as simple as wanting to buy your Dad a Latte

Chris M. came to The Douglas Center with limited verbal skills and little to no social engagement. Chris participated in our Developmental Rehabilitation program; however, his progress was minimal due to being easily distracted. Just recently, Chris moved to our Vocational Training Skills program and has experienced significant improvement on many levels.

Chris has begun to have a higher degree of social interaction with other participants in the program. As a result, his verbal skills have increased significantly. He has had the opportunity to learn new work skills. Our staff has worked with Chris utilizing the hand over hand modeling method in teaching him the skills necessary to perform the new work tasks. Chris has verbalized that he is much happier in this new program and he is looking forward to increasing his income. In light of the new skills, he is acquiring.

Our staff is working closely with his family to reinforce and model the positive changes that Chris has demonstrated. Chris enjoys his weekly outing for espresso with his Dad. As a result of his new skills and an opportunity to increase his income, Chris is looking forward to the time when he will be able to treat his Dad to espresso.

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