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Participant Spotlight

A Different Perspective


Participant Spotlight: Antonio "Tony"

In his 2 years at The Douglas Center Tony has made a big impact on his work and community. He has mastered different jobs in the work center, teaches his peers, and encourages other participants in the community day program. Tony describes himself as outspoken, fun, straight forward and an advocate for himself and others, if need be.

When not working, he enjoys other programs like dance and drama, men’s group, computer group and sometimes choir.

Tony is also blind. When asked, he would say he is just “in a different situation,” not disabled.

“I don’t feel sorry for myself and I don’t let others do it either,” explains Tony.

Tony always encourages individuals that may be frustrated or are having trouble with a new job or just feeling down. His advice is to “stay happy and be cheerful”.

Tony feels very strongly that people “in a different situation” (that’s how he refers to himself and others with a disability) should be active and get involved in their community and enjoy all things.

Tony attends movies and museums with his friends and checks out different areas of the city.

“People in a different situation”, he says “should show others that we are not homebodies. We like to have fun and are just like everyone else”.

Tony has been the president of the “Adventure Club” – a group of typical and non-typical peers – for the past six years. The group gets together for trips into the city, out to eat and other fun activities. Tony never lets blindness get in his way.

We really enjoy having Tony as a participant at The Douglas Center. His joy brightens everyone’s day.

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