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Celebrating Older Americans Month


Join us in celebrating Older Americans Month. 
Our seniors are a vital part of our community at The Douglas Center. 

Meet a few of our Older American program participants. Brian, Billy, and Sharon. 

Brian has been with the Douglas Center for 8 years and enjoys working hard in the many different production opportunities. Although quiet at times, he really enjoys dancing and music – where he can really let his personality shine! Brian’s favorite activities and groups at Douglas Center are horticulture, pet therapy, choir, dance therapy and Let’s Talk Group. He recently won a Gold Medal for track in the Special Olympics. 

We call Billy the “Ambassador for Seniors”. There is not one person that walks through our building that Billy doesn’t introduce himself to as well as his Senior group peers. He has been attending The Douglas Center for 2 years. Come by for a tour or volunteer and Billy will be sure to share what the Seniors are working on and how the job is done. Billy is a hard worker and is always excited to get his check on payday! Billy also participates in choir, dance therapy, drumming circle, and Men’s Group.


In just a year at The Douglas, Sharon has been a peer teacher, community volunteer, and leader for the Seniors group. Sharon enjoys helping staff by assisting her peers and explaining or demonstrating how a new job is completed. She also enjoys doing arts and crafts and attending dance therapy. She is very thoughtful and always makes birthday cards for her peers on their birthday. Sharon also helps volunteer at Niles Food Pantry and says “it’s nice to help other people”.

These individuals are just a small sample of our wonderful senior participants.  Hip-hooray for our Older Americans and their contributions. 

The staff at The Douglas Center works hard to make each day the best it can be for all of our participants but, most often we find they are the ones making our day a bit brighter.

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