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Participant Interview


Over the years, The Douglas Center has witnessed countless success stories of participants progress in the work center and community.

Here is just one example of such an individual : William D

William started working at The Douglas Center in the Work Center in 2001. With progress and interest he moved up to the Sewing Department a few years ago. Now he is working in a local department store. We had a chance to ask William a few questions about his experience.

William, what is it like for you at The Douglas Center?

WD: I’m happy to have the chance to try different things at The Douglas Center. I’ve learned about different jobs and skills.

I understand you recently got a new job?

WD: Yes, I work for Walmart now a few days a week. I was very excited to get through the interview process and get the job! Working at The Douglas Center help me prepare to have a job in the community.

What do you do for fun?

WD: I like to go to movies and out to eat. I especially like being with my family and going to church on Sundays.

So what’s next?

WD: I would like to eventually get a full-time job in the community and to have my own place.

What helped you most with this transition?

WD: Having staff, at Douglas Center and my residential facility, that I “can talk to” and that “listens” is so very important. Knowing that people are “there for me” makes a big difference.

What would you want people to know about adults with disabilities?

WD: Just treat everyone the same. It is helpful with people are patient and understanding when they interact with persons with disabilities in the community.

William, you are a great role model and peer teacher here at The Douglas Center. We are all so very proud of your progress.

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